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Meet Our Members

“Becoming a member of SAR gave me the opportunity to know one of my ancestors and what he did to help establish this great nation of ours and to help others to have that same experience.” - Jim D. Moore (member in the Texas SAR)

From the date of its founding on April 30, 1889, the SAR has attracted leaders in government, business, military, and a variety of industries. With a common focus on patriotism, history, and education, this nation's men have participated in the SAR through a wide range of involvement and dedication. A few such SAR members are highlighted below to give visitors a better look at how the SAR represents American communities across the country.

What does the SAR mean to you?

"For me, SAR is a unique group of kindred men whose forefathers fought for the dream of freedom still benefiting every American." - Paul C. Pritchard (member in the Florida SAR)

"Through the SAR, I have formed friendships locally and nationwide with those who share my interest in history and family research. In addition, few organizations honor veterans as meaningfully as the SAR. I am proud to be a member." - Gregory D. Lucas (member in the Washington SAR, Oregon SAR, and South Carolina SAR)

"The SAR has invigorated my quest for understanding of the founding and philosophical foundation of our great country. I gain new historical insights daily, and apply them to my works with the SAR in support of patriotism, education and honoring the memory of our ancestors." - Warren C. Fritensky (member in the New Jersey SAR)

"I stand all amazed at the dedication and valor of my ancestors. I want my name to be on the historical role with them." - Gene W. Myers (member in the California SAR)

"What do we want to leave behind when we die? Hope that we made a difference and somebody will remember us. As a member of the SAR, I am honoring that memory of my family and others who made a difference to us all. What does being in the SAR mean to me? It reminds me that I would not live in such a blessed land were it not for the great sacrifices of my ancestors. I now feel I'm doing my part to honor them by sacrificing my time to teach others of the special land we live in because of them. If people only knew of the amount of blood spilled for them by ancestors, they would kneel and weep. In the SAR, we take that sadness and use it to teach and serve humbly to honor their sacrifices." - John N. Pierre, Jr. (member in the Washington SAR)

"[SAR] membership to me means that I get a chance to learn more about my heritage and history. It even occasionally means that I get a chance to meet a distant relative." - K. William Hayes (member in the Florida SAR)

"We all learned in school about the American Revolution, and about the patriots who served in it to earn our freedom. The SAR gives me a personal connection to those men and that struggle, and also a peer group of other men who share the same connection, along with the pride and gratitude to them that we all share by being members." - Thomas Y. Hiter (member in the Maryland SAR)

"It is a personal show of faithful memory towards brave ancestors who took part in a most important historical event. It is also an opening of goodwill addressed to our fellow compatriots and friends who share this privileged history and to those willing to learn about it." - Martin Jean Marie Noel Boyer (member in the France Society SAR)

“My ancestry has made me reflect on [my own] purpose.” - Kelly J. Schultz (member in the Washington SAR)

"You don't learn about America's History merely by studying one war after another. My membership in SAR allowed me to learn about the true history of the common folks in our country by following and tracking my own family, and my own ancestors, as they moved from Virginia to Kentucky; Iowa; Missouri; Tennessee; and Georgia; and ultimately to Montana and Texas before circling back to Virginia; Maryland; Washington, D.C.; and ultimately Miami, Florida. The history of my ancestors is the history of America." - William L. Popham, Sr. (member in the Florida SAR)

In order to most effectively reach its goals and fulfill its mission, the SAR welcomes members of varied interests, backgrounds, and abilities into its chapters. The great majority of SAR members do not achieve national prominence, yet they contribute the resourcefulness, dedication, and spirit that pushes the organization ever forward. An organization can be judged by the actions, achievements, and standards of its members. Since its establishment in 1889, the SAR has set examples of outstanding service, perseverance, and patriotism through members like those outlined above.

Join the SAR's mission in your own community to carry on this exemplary record.

Meet Our Members

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Email: NSSAR@sar.org


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