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Genealogy Assistants

SAR Genealogy Assistants

SAR Genealogy Assistants program offers a more hands-on help than the New Member Helpers. This research aid is intended for SAR applicants and potential new members who need additional guidance during the application process.

Genealogy Assistants take an active role in researching and compiling documentation for SAR applicants, who may have limited or no experience in genealogical research or in preparing an application for a lineage society.

The degree to which a Genealogy Assistant can assist an SAR applicant will vary based on the specific needs of each potential new member. They are scattered throughout the country: not every state or SAR state-level society has a Genealogy Assistant. Their expertise in conducting genealogical research may be restricted to a particular geographic area or among a specific ethnic or religious group. Potential new members may wish to consider the expertise of the Genealogy Assistant and should contact them direct. Regardless of their primary expertise, an SAR Genealogy Assistant should be able to help most potential new members.

SAR Genealogy Assistants should act within the following guidelines:

    • Genealogy Assistants may not charge for their help toward new SAR applicants. Their service is given for the good of the SAR. Professional genealogical researchers may be SAR genealogy assistants, but they must distinguish between the fee-based services which they offer and the pro-bono services they render voluntarily as an SAR genealogy assistant.

    • While SAR genealogy assistants are conducting research for applicants, they may incur costs, including the fees for vital records, photocopying, and postage. Genealogy assistants may request reimbursement of these costs from the potential new members and should let the applicants know beforehand that such costs will need to be reimbursed continuing the research process.

    • Genealogy assistants are encouraged to work with the appropriate SAR chapter or state-level society with which the applicant plans to be associated. Genealogy assistants should contact the applicant’s local chapter as soon as they start working with him to give the appropriate updates as needed.

    • Genealogy assistants are not precluded from signing as the first-line sponsor on the SAR applications they prepare. However, they must recognize that it is not always appropriate for them to do so. There may be cases where an applicant has a friend or relative in the SAR whom he prefers as his first-line sponsor. The genealogy assistant should respect this decision and help the applicant any way he can for the benefit of the SAR. In those cases in which the applicant does not have a first-line sponsor, the genealogy assistant should offer to sign the application as the first-line sponsor.

    • Genealogy assistants should be familiar with all current SAR genealogical standards, policies, and procedures. Genealogy assistants should also be familiar with the types of SAR memberships available and be able to clearly explain these as applicable to the applicant.

    • The assistance of an SAR genealogy assistant does not guarantee the approval of an SAR application. Certainly, all individuals involved in the process hope that the applications prepared with such assistance will move through the approval process more smoothly, however, there can be no guarantee of this expediency and success.

The following SAR members have volunteered to work as genealogy assistants:

Mr. Peter T. Baron, Jr.
Texas SAR
Expertise – Northern Virginia and Texas/New Spain
COL. Christopher L. Coleman Kentucky SAR
Expertise - Kentucky, Indiana, and Virginia 
Mr. Robert B. Fish, Jr.
West Virginia SAR
Expertise – West Virginia and United States
Address – 112 Woodshire Drive; Parkersburg, West Virginia 26104-9214
Mr. Robert H. Rodgers
Vermont SAR
Expertise – Vermont

Mr. Clifford J. Normand, Jr.
Louisiana SAR
Expertise – Colonial Louisiana
Address – 15131 Championship Drive; Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70810-0342
Telephone – (225) 769-6444

Mr. Marston Watson
California SAR
Expertise – New England and California

Mr. Christopher T. Smithson
Maryland SAR
Expertise – Maryland

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