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13 Mar

The 238th Anniversary Recognizing the Last Naval Battle

Event Location

Event Date & Time

The 238th Anniversary

Recognizing the

Last Naval Battle of the Revolutionary War

Greeting from the Sons, Daughter and Children of the American Revolution. We invited you to participated in this year’s ceremony to commemorate the 236th Anniversary of the last Naval battle of the Revolutionary War.

On March 10, 1783 two Continental Navy ships the Duc De Lauzun and the Alliance were in route from Havana Cuba to Philadelphia with 72,000 Spanish coins along the east coast of Florida when three British warships the Sybil, the Alarm and the Tobago spotted the Continental ships.  With the Duc De Lauzun being loaded with the precious cargo, Captain John Green could not out run the British. The Sybil caught up to the Duc De Lauzun and exchanged gunfire. Meanwhile Captain John Barry maneuvered the Alliance between the Duc De Lauzun and British warship Sybil. Once the Alliance was alongside the Sybil and just yards away, he ordered his crew to fire upon the Sybil. Being outgunned, the Sybil changed course and followed the other British ships Alarm and Tobago.

Information and Reservation Flyer

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