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Outreach Education Resolution 117th Annual Congress – Williamsburg, Virginia


Whereas, the Sons of the American Revolution is a volunteer male lineage organization composed of some 27,000 active dues paying members – all of whom descend from a Patriot who supported the cause of freedom during the War of Independence from Great Britain, and
Whereas, the objects of this Society are declared to be patriotic, historical and educational, and, more specifically;
  • to … inspire the community-at-large with a more profound reverence for the principles of the government founded by our forefathers,
  • to encourage historical research in relation to the American Revolution,
  • to foster true patriotism,
  • to maintain and extend the institutions of American freedom and to carry out the purposes expressed in the preamble of the Constitution … , and
Whereas, past Congresses have authorized the raising of funds to build and endow a new library facility at our headquarters complex in Louisville, Kentucky, and furthermore to add educational outreach capabilities, staffed by professionals, targeting both the regional and nation-wide community-at-large, and
Whereas, our museum and library will be expanded/improved to include teaching facilities for school groups, space for exhibits, appropriate display of our collections/artifacts and administrative space so programs can be produced and distributed to states, chapters and outside entities, and
Whereas, the expanded headquarters complex consisting of the genealogy library and expanded museum has been named The Center For Advancing America’s Heritage in order to emphasize our educational outreach mission, and
Whereas, the capital campaign is nearing the halfway point and the NSSAR has added a Director of Education to its staff, then
Therefore, this 117th Annual Congress of the Sons of the American Revolution requests that the President General now cause our National Society’s governing documents to be examined and appropriate changes proposed to them so that the education function would be identified in them, and, after due process, any proposed amendments would be submitted to future Annual Congresses for approval or disapproval.


See the attached file below ofr a PDF version of the Resoluction:


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