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ROTC/JROTC Recognition Program Timetable


At the beginning of the school year each Chapter should contact the Senior or District Instructor of the local JROTC unit(s).  Throughout the year the chapter should remain in contact with the administrators of the school and the JROTC unit, providing support for other programs and discussing plans for this program.  The chapter should have the school administration, along with the instructors of the JROTC unit, evaluate candidates based on the criteria listed below and select one nominee for each JROTC unit (battalion, squadron, etc.).  If the chapter supports several JROTC units, it should run a local contest to select the best cadet, since only one cadet per chapter may advance to the state competition.  The chapter contest must have only SAR members as judges, and all contests should be administered using the guidelines listed below.

All State Society Contests must be completed and the National Contest entry packet must be forwarded to the NSSAR Executive Director to be in his office No later than May 1 each year.  As soon as the Outstanding Cadet in the Nation is selected the Chapter sponsoring that cadet will be contacted so that it can coordinate the Cadet's travel to the NSSAR Annual Congress.

The cadet will be flown to the NSSAR Congress to attend, receive his / her award, and be recognized by the National Society Sons of the American Revolution.  The award will be the National JROTC Medallion and a check for $2,000.00.

An additional amount, not to exceed $1,000.00, of expense money will be provided to pay for the combined travel, taxi to and from the airport, hotel and related meals for both the Cadet and his / her chaperone.  Expenses in excess of the $1,000.00 will be the responsibility of the Cadet.  It is suggested that additional assistance might be made available from the sponsoring Chapter or Society - but it is not mandatory.  The travel expenses related to the respective State Conventions will be at the discretion of the said State Societies.