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  1. Final Results for the 2015 Americanism Contests

    By: Mark C Anthony, NSSAR Americanism Committee Chairman

    The National Society Americanism Committee is pleased to publish the full listing of final results for the 2015 Americanism and President General's contests. The 2014 contest year saw an explosion in the number of entries with an almost 50% increase in participation over the prior year. Of the 552 chapters, 163 or 29.5% submitted a score sheet. Of the 58 societies, 15 or 25.9% submitted an entry.

  2. SAR Congress Badges Now on Exhibit


    The SAR Genealogical Research Library is pleased to exhibit a showcase of SAR Congress delegate name badges spanning from 1889 to 1952. 

  3. Genealogist Wins National Book Awards


    Michael N. Henderson


    member of the Georgia Society



    Michael N. Henderson
  4. SAR Education Open House Had a Strong Presence at Congress

         This year’s annual SAR Congress held in Louisville, Kentucky, offered the first Outreach Education Open House and has raised expectations for future events. Spanning from Friday morning until Wednesday evening, the open house welcomed over two hundred of SAR members, historians, and interested public visitors while at the Galt House.

  5. SAR Education Open House Reaches Out at Congress

  6. Joseph C. Breckinridge, Sr., PG 1900-1901

  7. New Addition to the SAR Library

    Delaware Families, 1787-1800.


    This 489 page book, compiled and edited by the Delaware Genealogical Society, is a commemoration of those families who lived in Delaware during its earliest period, from statehood to the start of the next century.


    The basic format of the book consists of three-generation profiles of 132 early Delaware families, along with dates and locations of their vital records and the citations of the source documents.


  8. SAR Outreach Education DVD Communiqué

         The SAR Outreach Education program is proud to offer two new DVDs: “The Articles of Association of 1774” program presented by Compatriot William O. Stone (Alabama SAR) and the “American Flag" program presented by Compatriot Thomas B. Green III (Texas SAR).

  9. SAR Announces the 2015 Dr. Tom & Betty Lawrence American History Teacher Award Winner

         Every year, the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) invites all of its chapters to nominate American history teachers for the Dr. Tom & Betty Lawrence American History Teacher Award. After a vigorous decision-making process at the Spring Leadership meeting, the 2015 award winner is Mr. Derrick Lindow, a U.S. history and social studies teacher at Daviess County Middle School in Owensboro, Kentucky.

    Derrick Lindow
  10. Colorado Society SAR Through the Years



    The Colorado Society is active in preparation for the annual Congress, which it is hoped will bring together a large attendance of enthusiastic members, particularly from the central and western states.  The Society on January 16 presented a flag to the Garfield School in Denver, when patriotic addresses were delivered.  The Historical Register of the Colorado Society, 1896-1906, is a handsome volume of a hundred pages.




  11. National SAR Library to Showcase Lunar Bible Exhibit

    Louisville, Kentucky – One of only twelve flight-certified Lunar Bibles in existence will be on display at the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) Genealogical Research Library beginning on Monday, March 9th, 2015.

    Edgar Mitchell and Al Newberry
  12. Happy Birthday George Washington!


  13. Americanism Committee Announces the 2015 Americanism & President General Contest Score Sheet is now available

    The Americanism Committee is pleased to announce that the 2015 Americanism & President General Contest Score Sheet is now available for downloading and use. The 2015 Score Sheet only has a changes on Tabs 3 and 6 aside from verbiage being added to provide clarification in certain areas. As always, the Americanism Committee encourages all chapters and state societies to participate in these contests and to enter all data as it occurs instead of waiting until January of 2016.

    2015 Americanism President General Contest Score Sheet

  14. Longest Serving Compatriot ready to celebrate Rhode Island Society's 125th Anniversary

    Mr. Robert William Kenyon was born on January 10, 1914 in Providence, Rhode Island. He joined The Sons of the American Revolution on March 29, 1936, national number 53946, and is now the longest serving compatriot in the United States.

    Bob Kenyon
  15. Genealogy Workshop Starts New Year at SAR Library

    On Saturday, January 17, 2015, the SAR Genealogical Research Library hosted its first event of the year. Nearly 50 people attended NSSAR Staff Genealogist Denise Hall’s hands-on genealogy workshop. Ms. Hall began the workshop with a short demonstration on how to correctly print documentation images from online sources. Often, lineage society applicants submit documentation that is unreadable or is an abbreviated form of a record, and this part of the workshop taught participants how to obtain the proper format.