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  1. SAR Re-Dedication Article in the Courier Journal 21 JAN 2009

    The Courier Journal, a local Louisville, Ky / Southern Indiana Newspaper had an article written by Sheldon S. Shafer was run in the 21 Jan 2009 newspaper.  The article talks about the organizations move to Louisville, and its plans to move to main street in the coming future.  The article mentions the Feb 3rd celebration of 30 years in Louisville.  An image of the article is posted Below:

  2. SAR Hosts New Citizens at Naturalization Ceremony

    In October the NSSAR was honored to host its second Naturalization Ceremony at Headquarters. Kentucky Congressman John Yarmuth was the featured speaker and welcomed the audience of almost 400 new citizens, their families and friends attending the ceremony at the Louisville Memorial Auditorium. The Honorable Judge John Heyburn II of the United States District Court swore in 175 new citizens representing 49 different countries. During the ceremony he praised the SAR and its efforts to promote patriotism and advance the institutions of American freedom.

  3. West Main Named a Top 10 Great American Street

    LOUISVILLE (Oct. 8, 2008) - West Main Street - once a string of mostly vacant and decaying buildings but now a vibrant district of museums, cultural attractions, restaurants and bars - has been named one of America's Top 10 Great Streets by the American Planning Association.

  4. NSSAR Acquires A New Building


    I am delighted to report that on February 23, 2008, the Trustees, after considerable debate passed three motions from the Executive Committee concerning the initiative to move our Headquarters to the West Main Street area of downtown Louisville.   The motions passed are as follows:

  5. North Carolinian Chosen as NSSAR Executive Director

    Joe E. Harris, Jr., President of the North Carolina Society in 2005-07, was chosen from among more than 33 candidates to serve as Executive Director of the National Society.  The announcement came during the Spring Trustees/Leadership Meeting in Louisville in February.  Joe and his wife, Gail, immediately began the search for permanent quarters in the city founded by General George Rogers Clark in 1778.   Harris assumed his new position on March 15, relieving Secretary General Bruce Wilcox who served as interim director upon the resignation of James N. Randall on December 31st.

  6. Local Hero ASA WATERS to be Honored

    Ardent Anti-Slavery Activist used Mansion as Station on Underground Railroad

    MILLBURY, MA - A descendant of those that served in George Washington's Continental Army, Asa Waters Senior will be honored Saturday July 1st by Worcester's chapters of the descendants of the American Revolution from 8 a.m. to noon at the Asa Waters Mansion, 123 Elm Street, in Millbury.  The event is free and welcomes the public.

  7. Kentucky Compatriot To Edit Magazine

    Beginning with the Fall 2007 issue of the magazine, Kentucky Society Compatriot Stephen M. Vest will assume the position of Editor which has been held by Win Williams since 1978.  When Win announced his retirement, a search for his successor was conducted by the Communications Committee.  The final selection was recently made by the Executive Committee.

  8. The National Ladies Auxiliary : "Congratulations to Illinois, Massachusetts and Texas"

    Illinois, Massachusetts and Texas are the newest States to have their own Ladies Auxiliary.  We thank Jane Bradley in Illinois, Lisa Colby and Shiela Manning of Massachusetts and President Shannon Smith and Treasurer Henrietta Slagle of Texas along with the ladies that assisted them for all their hard work.

  9. 115th Annual Congress Ends

    115 Annual Congress held at Louisville, Ky - July 2 Thru 6 2005

    When the gavel was lowered to close the 115th Annual Congress held in Louisville, Kentucky, the tally for attendance showed that 272 Compatriots and 162 guest had officailly registered for the event.  Virtually all of them looked back over several days of business and pleasure activities and concluded that a great deal had been accomplished.  Highlights are reported in the SAR Magazine.

  10. President Bush Given SAR Award

    On Friday the 1st of July, just before the 115th Annual Congress was set to open in Louisville - President General Henry N. McCarl found himself traveling to The White House to give the Society's Distinguished Patriot Award to President George W. Bush, a member of the Texas Society. In fact, he missed presiding over a meeting of the Executive Committee in order to go to Washington. He was joined there by Executive Director James N.

  11. The Thomas Jefferson Bond, Jr., Memorial Photographic Award is Established

    Thomas J. Bond, Jr., was a member of the District of Columbia Society, a former Registrar General, and a candidate for Secretary General at the time of his passing on May 29, 1997.  During the 107th Congress, Mrs. Wilma M. Bond announced the establishment of the Thomas Jefferson Bond, Jr.