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The SAR Center for Advancing America's Heritage Vision Plan


The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
The Center for Advancing America's Heritage


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Our Vision

*   The NSSAR Genealogical Research Library
      Successfully Completed in 2011

*   World-Class Facility - Over 58,000 Family Histories
      and Founding Documents...and Counting

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Our Vision

*   Nearly $10 Million Raised To Date

*   Site Construction Underway on the Future
      NSSAR National Headquarters and Museum

*   Restoration of the Building's Historical Façade
      Already Complete


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Our Vision

*   We're Over Halfway Home

*   We Have the Tools and Experience to Execute a
      Vision Project and Build a Landmark Facility

*   Together...We Can Complete Our Vision





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The Center for Advancing America's Heritage






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The Center for Advancing America's Heritage

*   Important Story to Tell

*   World-Class Museum

*   Perfect Complement to The NSSAR Library

*   "Can't Miss" Destination



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Major Concepts

*   Museum of Ideas

*   Compelling, Media-Rich Experience

*   Sense of Pride and Understanding

*   Tangible Link with Genealogical Research

*   Foundation for Flexibility



Page 7



Creating an Experience

*   Artifact Displays

*   Exhibit Displays

*   Scenic Environments

*   Immersive Media

*   First-Person Narratives

*   Interactives

*   Flexible Exhibit Components



Page 8


Main Level Floor Plan

Content Organization

*   Visitor Experience Walkthrough

*   Conceptual Framework for Storytelling


Page 9


Main Street Entrance

*   Impressive Visitor Approach

*   Historic Building Façade

*   NSSAR Sons of Liberty Bronze      Sculpture







Page 10


Entry Lobby

*   Convenient Gathering Space

*   Centerpiece - NSSAR Liberty Bell

*   Fun Interactive - Visitors Can Ring the      Bell


Page 11



Liberty in Action

*   Stunning Atrium Space

*   Soaring Columns - America's Founding      Documents

*   Engaging Video Displays

*   Perception Shift - "Founding History      is Relevant in Your Life"


Page 12



Prelude to Revolution

*   Dramatic and Immersive Environment

*    "Decade of Defiance"

*   Iconic Locales Re-created -
     The Liberty Tree,
     Paul Revere's Boston Home


Page 13



Declaration of Independence - Projection

*   Towering Projection of the
     Declaration of Independence

*   Molded and Shaped Before
     Visitors' Eyes

*   Impressions of Adams, Jefferson, and
     Franklin Appear


Page 14



American Revolution - Immersive Environment

*   Artifact Collection Displays

*   Colossal 40-Foot-Wide Video
     Projection Wall

*   HD Imagery and Video; Evocative
     Sound Design

*   Emotionally-Charged, Unforgettable


Page 15



American Revolution - Interpretive Organization

*   Dynamic "Heart and Mind" Learning

*   Parallel Exhibit Zones - Video
     Projection/Detailed Timeline

*   First-Person Narratives

*    Artifact Collection Displays


Page 16



American Revolution - Timeline

*   Dynamic Chronicle of the Entire
     Revolutionary War

*   Architectural Mural, Interactives,
     Artifact Displays

*   General Washington's Leadership

*   The Role of France and Spain in
     America's Victory


Page 17




*   Treaty of Paris Glass Wall Display

*   Interpretive Display - Articles of

*   Stylized Vignette - Constitutional
     Convention of 1787

*   Large-Scale Projection of the
     U.S. Constitution


Page 18


America: Enduring Republic

*   George Washington - Timeline
     of Presidency

*   NSSAR Bronze Washington Bust

*   Significant Events - Bill of Rights,
     Louisiana Purchase, War of 1812

The Republic for Which it Stands

*   200+ Years of U.S. History

*   Landmark Amendments to the
     U.S. Constitution

*   Liberty and Civic Action Around
     the World

*   Updateable


Page 19



An American Story - Theater

*   50-Seat Theater, 40-Foot-Wide
     Projection Screen

*   Transports Visitors "Back in Time,"
     Brings Stories to Life

*   Features Actual NSSAR


Page 20



Citizenship: What Makes a Patriot?

*   Survey of Patriotic Acts - Share How
     YOU Show Patriotism

*   Newfound Perspective on the Nation's
     Founding and its Ideals

*   Be More Productive and
     Responsible American Citizens


Page 21



Notable NSSAR Members

*   Impressive Commemoration Wall

*   Prominent NSSAR Members - Portraits,
     Biographies, Stories

*   Updateable


Page 22

Lower Level Floor Plan


Lower Level  (Accessed Via Stairs or Elevator)


*   Expanded Storytelling

*   Changing Exhibitions Space

*   Classroom Activity Space

*   Event Space


Page 23



Lower Level -
Expanded Storytelling

*   Countless Genealogical Stories

*   History of The NSSAR

*   Artifact Collections - NSSAR or
     Member Loans


Page 24





An Exceptional Opportunity





Page 25



The Right Place

*   Louisville, Kentucky
         18 Million Visitors Annually*
         $1.7 Billion Generated Annually*

*   Burgeoning Main Street "Museum Row" District
         2.9 Million Visitors Annually

*   Location and Ease of Travel



*Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau 2011-2012 Destination Marketing Plan



Page 26



The Right Place

*   Main Street Annual Attendance - 2.9 Million
                  Frazier History Museum - 96,000
                  21c Museum Hotel - 221,000
                  Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory - 220,000
                  Muhammad Ali Center - 84,000
                  Kentucky Science Center and IMAX Theater - 407,000
                  Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft - 65,000
                  Actors Theater of Louisville - 174,000
                  Belle of Louisville - 63,000
                  Kentucky Center for the Arts - 438,000
                  KFC YUM! Center - 800,000
                  Kentucky International Convention Center - 480,000

*   Kentucky Derby Festival Events, including
         Thunder Over Louisville - 1,500,000



Page 27


The Right Time

*   Continuing Investments in
       Downtown Louisville Tourism

                  City of Louisville
                  Louisville Downtown Development Corporation (LDDC)
                  Greater Louisville Inc. (GLI)
                  Kentucky International Convention and Visitors Bureau (LCVB)

*   Growing National Recognition
                  "America's Top Travvel Destination" (2013) - Lonely Planet
                  "Most Livable City in America" (2012) - The U.S. Conference of Mayors
                  First - "Top 10 Cities for Affordable Vacations" (2012) - Livability
                  Third - "Best Foodie Getaways Around the World" (2012) - Zagat



Page 28


The Right People

   Our Story is Important
   We Have Laid the Foundation



Page 29


Operations and
Earned Income Recommendations

*   Admission - Main and Lower Levels, Gift Shop
                  $7.00/seniors and military

*   Hours of Operation
                  Monday through Saturday - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
                  Sunday - Noon to 5:00 PM



Page 30


Operations and
Earned Income Recommendations

*   Tour Options
                  Basic Self-Guided Tour ($9.00)
                  Behind-the-Scenes Guided Tour ($15.00)
                  "White Glove" Master Guided Tour ($20.00 and up)

*   Annual Museum Memberships
                  Individual Membership - $50.00
                  Family Membership - $75.00
                  Annual Gifts - Ususally tiered ($100, $250, $500, etc.)
                  Benefits accrue at each level



Page 31


Operations and
Earned Income Recommendations

*   Gift Shop
                  Branded and Themed Merchandise
                  Price Span from Children to High-End Purchasers

*   Museum Website
                  Ticket Discounts
                  Museum Membership/Donor Opportunities
                  Online Store

*   Speaker's Series, Special Events, Classes, Workshops
*   Rentals
                  Weddings/Receptions, Business Meetings, Banquets



Page 32


Building Strategic Partnerships

*   Convention/Tourism Organizations
                  Develop Specialized Tour Packages
                  Develop Specialized Convention Packages

*   Museum Community
                  Develop "Two-for-One" Tours with Neighboring Museums
*   Public/Private Schools and Homeschooling Families
                  Develop Specialized Tours/Education Programs
*   Local Youth Service/Outreach Organizations
*   Premier Hotels



Page 33





Preliminary Budget





Page 34


Budgeting Process

1)   Vision Plan - Project Estimate
2)   Planning Phase - Preliminary Budget
3)   Design Phase - Final Budget



Page 35


Recommended Preliminary Budget Range

*   $475 to $600 Per Square Foot
*   Estimate Basis
                  Recent Experience Executing Projects of Similar Scope
                  Industry Data

*   Estimate Variables
                  Complexity/Quality of Finishes
                  Amount of Casework and Themed/Scenic Elements
                  Level of Mechanical or AV Interactivity
                  Length and Number of Produced AV Elements



         NOTE: Infrastructure Components (Electrical/Lighting) Should Be Evaluated



Page 36



Multimedia +
Scenic Exhibit Displays





Multimedia +
Scenic Exhibit Displays

Main Level Floor Plan                  



Page 37



Multimedia +
Scenic Exhibit Displays





Multimedia +
Scenic Exhibit Displays

Lower Level Floor Plan                  



Page 38


Final Word

*   Unforgettable Museum

*   Superior Educational Facility

*   Instant National Destination


Target Opening Date

       - JULY 2015






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The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution   The Center for Advancing America's Heritage


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