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New Donation to the SAR Library Special Collections

The SAR Library Special Collections recently received a special piece of SAR history in the form of an annual dinner invitation of the Arkansas Society Sons of the American Revolution dated February 22, 1900. The invitation was donated by William L. Crabtree of the Alabama SAR. 


The invitation, which is in very good condition, reads


            Annual Dinner of the Arkansas Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.


            At Capital Hotel, Little Rock, Ark., February 22, 1900.


The invitation is tied with ribbon in the SAR colors of blue, buff and white, and there is a picture of George Washington on the front, presumably since the event was held on his birthday.


Inside, the invitation is addressed to Gov. and Mrs. James P. Eagle.  The agenda for the evening included society business, musical solos, and a reading of “Midnight Watch in ’99.”


On the back page of the program is listed the members of the Arkansas Society in 1900.  Interestingly, there is a section for “Gentlemen” members, as well as a list of “Ladies” that were members. 


In 1900 when the invitation was made, the Arkansas Society had just celebrated its 10th anniversary, having been chartered on February 11, 1890.  The President General at the time was Franklin Murphy of the New Jersey Society.  The National Society did not yet have a headquarters building and the annual Congress that year was set to take place in New York City.


The SAR Library Special Collections would like to thank Mr. Crabtree for his generous donation of this important addition to the collection.  If others are interested in donating significant pieces of SAR history to the organization, please contact Librarian General C. Bruce Pickette at libraryatsar [dot] org.