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NSSAR Premium Membership Medal, Cufflinks & Tiebar



The NSSAR Premium Membership Medal Committee is pleased to announce the production of a high quality replica of the original 1890-1894 Tiffany style membership medal struck in gilt silver. 
Orders for the Premium SAR Membership Medal typically take 4-6 weeks to be delivered.  They are shipped directly to you after they are struck and assembled.  If you are interested, please contact committee chairman Stephen Renouf at usinaataol [dot] com for a current price quote on the medal.  Once you have the current price quote, please fill out the attached Order Form, and mail it to Chairman Renouf with a check for $250 payable to CAAH, and a check for the current price quote for the medal payable to CITY PRIDE LTD. 
The Sons of the American Revolution is pleased to announce the production of high quality cuff link sets struck in sterling silver and plated in gold.


Sales of the Premium Cuff Links will raise money for the Center for the Advancement of America’s Heritage (CAAH). Those interested in ordering the cross style, medallion style or both cuff links are required to make a new donation to CAAH of $25.00. Send donation and order form to Chairman Renouf.
These items are not being offered as a part of the regular NSSAR Merchandise, rather it is being offered and sold by the Premium Membership Medal Committee.  If you have questions please do not contact the Merchandise Department, contact the Premium Membership Medal Chairmen.  Contact Information is included on the Order form!
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