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Family History Files Now Available on ShareFile

The “Family History Files” of the SAR Genealogical Research Library is a collection of 862 digitized files of miscellaneous genealogical information alphabetized by surname.  It is now available on ShareFile to SAR members.  The types of information available include family association newsletters, pedigree charts, biographies, bible records, and much more, all of which were donated to the Library over many years.  Most of files are quite old and the information in them does not constitute “proof” documentation, but may be useful as a finding aid. 


ShareFile is a service the Society provides members to keep them informed; the system has been in operation for over a year and is a secure place to make this information available.    All members of the SAR are eligible to be enrolled in ShareFile.  If you are not enrolled, you can request a new account by email to the SAR Webmaster at saratblackstonemedia [dot] com or to Compatriot Bill Marrs at sartechathot [dot] rr [dot] com


To access the “Family History Files,” login your ShareFile account at, click on the Members folder, then on the SAR Genealogical Research Library folder, and then on the Family History Files folder.  Be sure and click directly on the folder icon.  From there, you may click on Index file to determine if a surname is listed (the Index is not hyperlinked) or click on the letter of the alphabet for which you want to see the individual files.  The file may then be downloaded or opened.  As a .pdf document, it may be searched using the Ctrl F keys combination.


You’ll find lots of interesting things in the files!