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Youth Registrant Transfer

Youth Registrant Transfer
into the Sons of the American Revolution


You are a Youth Registrant wishing to convert your Registrant status to active Junior Membership or Regular Membership.  The process is simple.

Submit a letter noting the desire to activate your Junior (or Regular) membership, citing the Youth Registrant number and enclosing Chapter, State and National dues.  

A Youth Registrant must activate his membership (Junior or Regular) before the age of 29 or lose all benefits of the program.

The following is a breakdown of the typical fees involved.  The actual State and Chapter Level fees and dues may vary.

  • National Level: $0 (application fee) + $35 (dues) = $35
  • Typical State Level: $0 (application fee) + $15 (dues) = $15
  • Typical Chapter Level: $0 (application fee) + $8 (dues) = $8