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Transfer of Membership

Transfer of Membership - Form #0919
(between SAR Societies)

Note: If a member wishes to retain his original membership in a particular Society or he must retain it due to having a Society Life Membership that pays the National dues, then DO NOT file a transfer form.  His option would be to file a Dual Membership Application with the second State Society (if accepted by said State Society).


The Transfer Procedure:

Step 1:  Be sure your dues are paid for the current calendar year and you are shown as an "active" member.

Step 2:  Make sure the Secretaries of both Societies involved are aware of your wish to Transfer your membership.

Step 3:  Complete the form #0919:  The form is designed to allow for entering the required data before you print. You can also save the form to your computer.

Step 4:  Make a copy of the completed form for your files.

Step 5:  The Member should place in an envelope addressed to the demitting Society the following items:

  • the completed transfer form #0919
  • a check made out to "Treasurer General NSSAR" for $10.00 , payment for a record copy of his application if the NEW State Society requires it.
  • a stamped business envelope with the address of the Secretary of the NEW Society
  • a second stamped business envelope addressed to:

              Staff Registrar, NSSAR
              809 West Main St.
              Louisville, KY 40202-2619

Step 6:  Mail the envelope to the Secretary of the demitting Society allowing him to complete the second part of the form and send it on to the Secretary of the NEW Society. Who in turn will complete third section of the form and send it on to the National Headquarters for final processing.

Note:  If a record copy of the transferring member's application is not required and scanning capabilities are available, the form can be signed and scanned and emailed to the each of the parties involved.

When you are informed of your acceptance by your NEW Society, you should:

  • inform the Secretary of the demitting Society the Transfer has been completed so they can make the appropriate adjustments to their membership list
  • inform the Secretary of the NEW Society the Transfer has been completed so that they can add you to their membership list

Paying National Dues after a Transfer:

The transfer form #0919 includes a statement from the demitting Society Secretary that the member is in good standing and has paid his National and Society dues for the present year to the demitting Society.

In the fall, after the transfer has been recorded, the member will be billed for his Chapter, Society and National dues in the NEW Society for the next membership year.