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Reinstatement of Membership

Reinstatement of Membership - Form 0918

There are several reasons to apply for reinstatement:

  • You stopped paying dues several years ago and consequently were switched to inactive membership for failure to pay annual dues.
  • You told the chapter or state or national that you wished to resign your membership from the SAR.
  • You have moved to another state and let your membership lapse into inactive for failure to pay annual dues.


The Reinstatement Procedure:

The first step in reinstating to active membership is to contact the local State Secretary to ascertain the correct fees and procedures through the local State Society.

If the local State Secretary is not know then please refer to the Contact list.

If the reason for your inactive membership is moving to another state then the method of reinstating is described as follows.

You have moved or wish to transfer your membership into a State Society other than the one in which your membership was dropped, you will need to complete a Bylaw 19, Reinstatement and Transfer (Form #0918)

For a copy of the form please click on the form number shown - #0918

The form has active fields which may be completed before printing.

The completed form should be mailed to the Secretary of the State Society where you are reinstating your membership.  The following is a breakdown of the typical fees involved.  The actual State and Chapter Level fees and dues may vary.

  • National Level: $35 (dues)
  • Typical State Level: $15 (dues)
  • Typical Chapter Level: $8 (dues)