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Regular Membership


Regular Membership
in the Sons of the American Revolution

A member age 18 or older who pays annual dues.  Only regular members may vote and hold office in the SAR and receive the SAR Magazine for free.

New members annual dues are for the calendar year in which their applications are approved by the National Society and is included in the application fee.

Checks should be for your application fees and dues.  There is usually one check to the Chapter, one to the State Society, and one to the National Society.   Each branch of the organization may have an application fee component and an annual dues component that may be different than what is shown.

The following is a breakdown of the typical fees involved.  The actual State and Chapter Level fees and dues may vary.

  • National Level: $80 (application fee) + $35 (dues) = $115
  • Typical State Level: $5 (application fee) + $15 (dues) = $20
  • Typical Chapter Level: $zero (application fee) + $8 (dues) = $8

Submit the completed application form to your sponsoring Chapter for approval (your helper will likely do this) and it will be forwarded to the State Society and then to NSSAR Headquarters in Louisville for final approval.  Do Not send the application and fees to the National organization direct.  It must come to the National organization from a State Society.


New Member Application Checklist